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We discuss with you the best solution for your business.

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We'll build out your initial account and then hand it over to you for full control.

Customer engagement

Early strategies to ensure customers are aware and engaged.

Features for your business

Contactless Payments

On the Go uses Stripe Connect as its payment system. Receive secure, on time payments all paid through the customers mobile or desktop.

Website Ordering

Enable customers to order and pay direct from your website with our new e-commerce designs.

Pick up and Self delivery

Smart self-delivery features that ensure you maintain quality control right to the end point without the huge third party fee.

Digital loyalty

Setup a digital loyalty programme in line with in store offers.

Maintain full control

Maintain full control when receiving orders with our smart 'Receive/ non-receive order' switch.

Drive customer engagement

Generate custom promotion codes, track performance and adjust engagement strategies to drive more sales.

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On the Go deduct an exclusive transaction fee of 8% which includes the Stripe credit card and payment fees* (see That's all, no hidden fees!!

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