So what’s really involved to get started?

All you need to get started is the basic account holder information, menu & shop details and a bank account number to receive payments into.

Why choose your online services?

Our testimonials speak for themselves. Having started in 2016, our experience and premium customer service ensure you’ll get the best on the market.

I'm looking to support local, is this software NZ made?

On the Go is proudly designed and built right here in NZ.

How long does it take to get setup?

From an initial phone consultation, we can get you online and receiving orders in the same day.

Can I have a store with the On the Go app or just my website?

Your one account is for both! You can have multi-customer channels using both the marketplace app On the Go and the mega search engines to bring in new customers.

Can I run promotions and create vouchers?

You certainly can. In your Dashboard you can create custom vouchers and promotions to push through your EDM or social channels.

Do I have control of my On the Go account?

You totally have full control of your account! That includes making menu changes, adding photos, changing order settings and tweaking all of your other cool functions.

Do you integrate with POS?

Please speak to an On the Go rep to discuss POS integration requirements.

Does the website ordering and On the Go app run on the same system?

Yes, all orders are funneled into the one order management system.

How are orders managed in store?

Orders are managed via a tablet application or through email notifications.

How big is your marketplace?

On the Go has over 20,000 users (and growing!) and caters for the morning and lunch coffee customer, who can then use it for their favourite take out and dinner restaurants in the evening.

What are the transaction fees?

We use Stripe as our third-party payment provider who charge domestic and international card rates. These include both percentage and fixed rates see our pricing for more detail.